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Originally Posted by posidon View Post
That is just a hoax nothing more, even today i been banned from replying on one of those Youtube videos, by expressing my opinion, that is just a hoax!

Move along people.

If that is not an hoax, why only one or two persons on those videos, that don´t even show their faces, and when we see other persons on background, they don´t even seem to notice or care! If this be a real world wide phenomena we will hear much more of it, and we don´t just a couple of videos nothing else!

Give me a solid proof, like a large crowd of people ear it in the same place, or record the sound with a record sound device on live video, and play it back on the recorder without any tricks!

People does any one realize that conspiracy theories are becoming a big fashion every were, and that a lot of people are taking profits from it? Is just like a business nothing else!
Well I personally have heard the massive whooshing sounds as well as the low frquency pulsations on several occaisions. So its not all bunk.
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