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Lightbulb Mankind needs to be kind to each other

The last thing those in power want is humans helping other humans get by in life, as that defies the divide and conquer design in place. They need you to see those suffering and sleeping on the floors, eating out of bins as subhuman, and this alone stands as their warning that this could be you if you do not follow the financial rules they put in place.

Helping one another and breaking through the social barriers is the greatest threat to these monstrosities that call themselves politicians. The people have been writing about homelessness for countless years demanding something be done and those that claim to represent the people do nothing but offer fake timelines in which the problems will be addressed.

Politicians may have it easy now but they are pawns in a much grander game and they will be cast a side once the grand masters head towards checkmate.
We Are One !!

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