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On the topic of "Twisted Morals" I present:

"Le Grande Omelette"

Le Grande Omelette.
By John White

“President Junter, what are we going to do?” the young aide asked, as he stood with his I-pad next to the middle-aged man sat at the desk before him “The banks say they need another 20 billion Euros before Monday morning or there’s no way Greece won’t drop out!”

Junter looked up and considered his young aide, a polite and efficient young Swedish male, well-groomed and suave. He relied on his people but sometimes, like children, they had to come back to him. Some things were too big for them. Like actual decisions! He chuckled ruefully to himself.

Standing up, he crossed the office and looked out of the window, taking in the Brussels cityscape, the city lights laid out before him. All of this that they had built. No, they had gone too far. There could be no turning back…

“Bring me the Chateuneuf, Henriks. Give me five minutes. Then come back and I shall dictate the press release for you.”

Junter crossed his arms and continued to look out over the city, as he heard the soft swish of his aides departure. He was going to have to do some calls, but he was sure he could hold it together. What was some more Quantitative easing now?

In the background Henrick slid back in and placed the tray with the glass and bottle on the desk, then withdrew. Junter wandered over, poured a generous glass, and settled back down in his chair…

People and their facts! Always so obsessed by them, always so easily distracted by them! Junter had not risen to President of this great project to worry about some silly little numbers.

No, he knew it wasn’t the facts that mattered, but how you talked about them. He’d seen it over the years, as that cartel of a few companies became a trade club, then became a government, now was becoming a superstate: Europe unified at last! Now there was a heroic tale!

What was a few broken eggs to that? Always, that was the price of Le Grande Omelette..

So what if they had used the Americans at Goldin Sacks to massage the figures to get those lazy Greeks locked into the Euro ten years ago? The Greeks would be better off in the long run. The new Europe must have more ordered ways!

Henrick returned with his I-Pad. Junter took a deep sip of the fruity red, and started to dictate the statement…

Henrick kept his mind neutral as he focused on his job… ‘confident the Prime Minister of Greece will confirm the new bail-out package’ he transcribed, 'market over-reaction'... 'fundamentals sound'. But he knew for himself, who had been in those compromising pictures, in that file he had prepared for the President, just two days ago…

Afterwards, he flipped the cover closed on his I-Pad, turned to his boss and asked, “Do you think this will work Sir?”

“My dear Henrick”, said Junter, “haven’t I always told you? When it becomes serious, you have to lie…”

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