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The 'modern' so-called 'Solfeggio' scale isn't wrong, per se...

It is actually a subset of the 81 Lo Shu Tones...


But (as audible tones) it isn't ancient, it was not 'encoded' in the
KJV bible, and it was not suppressed by the RC Church, all of which
were claimed by J. Puleo (aka: J. Barber) & L. Horowitz circa 1999...

The six frequencies described by 'PuleoWitz' really have nothing to do
with the classic solf├Ęge syllables, other than the fact that they were
fraudulently represented as the historic six-tone scale developed
by the eleventh century, the music theorist ...

Since Guido's musical tones were unable to be measured or identified
as 'cycles per second' there is no way that the historic six tones could
have been tuned to the specific frequencies cited by Puleo/Horowitz...


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