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To be clear; I'm not inferring that you 'took' anything;
the info at abrahadabra is freely shared by any or all...

My comment wasn't meant to come off disparagingly...

It was poorly worded and I'd withdraw if I could edit it...

I was actually trying to differentiate 'your research'
from the specific 'approach' of the thread, but to still
imply awareness of both 'disciplines' to each other...

Since we use similar terms for describing
dissimilar elements, and since our definitions of
'what is a Lo Shu Tone' are different, I was attempting
to somehow clarify this for readers previously unaware...


However, I do have concerns with any notion that these
specific 3-digit number patterns could have been
realized as audible frequencies, before the technology
of the 19th century actually made it possible...

Do you have an explanation that would allow for this...?


PS - I would be interested in collaborating on some of
the areas of common interest regarding the matters...


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