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Originally Posted by h2pogo View Post
What he really said..
Actually worth a read..Does he come accross as really clued in and offer sound peacful soulutions,or ring true to any one else?
There is some good stuff in that speech, isn't there? Iran's ruling class certainly have the western power paradigm figured out. It shouldn't be a surprise.

Christians and jews are recognised and protected in Iran..In fact Iran has the largest Jewish population in any muslim country..
True, but it doesn't always work out that way on the street, just like in the US. There are many injustices and atrocities.

Jews and Christians are also represented in Parliament, as required by the Iranian Counstitution. And the Iranian Constitution allows for many checks and balances. The buck stops with the Ayatollahs.

I agree though..Iran is far far from perfect..The represion of the sufis examples this..Though many Sufis do still live in Iran and suffer far less oppression than in most regimes in the area
Iranian society is complex and not at all as monolithic as the mainstream anti-Iranian propaganda would lead you to believe. There are many western educated people in Iran; many were educated at US universities before 1979. It is a sophisticated, prosperous, and highly literate society. It is far more western than what many have been led to believe.

But this ayatolla does seem aware of the problems in the world and is active in seeking a peacefull antidote to this NWO, so many people in the world are talking about..
You shouldn't be surprised.
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