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Originally Posted by codie View Post
Excellent post...I agree with your perspective of how things don't 'have' to be a drama...i am trying to work out lots of things in my mind but then i think why??? I just should BE.
I was reminded of a point in time where nothing really affected me as a child. I had to work hard to get to the emo stage thinking it was novel. i didnt realize at 11 you could get stuck there. lol

When you cant stop the madness and its all around you in lethal doses, all you can do is go up, and question the reasons or lack of reason that creates such petty dialogues of energy. Moreover why is it that one chooses to acknowledge them with participation at all. In theory one could just deny them any standing, but its not that easy is it? Not unless you have an army around you willing to put down the jerry springer resistence movement at your beckoned call.

truly the magnitude of the drama doesnt exist but the requirement for a dialogue does, unfortunately those persuing the required dialogue are doingt so from a non existant platform, a reality totally contrived out of thin air from nothing but imagination.
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