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Originally Posted by janedoe View Post
I do see it and I do get it. I have flipped my lid so to speak. I became "aware" of illuminati stuff etc since aprox 2003. Before that well my life as is was still is different to most. Yet familiar to some. Expat most of life etc. and all that entails. Anyway that and before that I have already left my body, etc so already knew some things but holy shit... I mean really the thousands of years, the technology that exists already etc its life changing to say the least to any. (annunaki stuff etc, ufo etc) I mean it will take and has all of us for a fooking loop at the very least. I get what Icke had. I get the head explosion shit. I will give away my age if I delve into much of that... Just saying that yes this should be in another section but also of late I am going "more" mad in particular and I have seen that expressed on this forum and all over really. Saturating even mainstream media. I am having conversations of only the deepest level and/or none at all. I have one friend as in one for real, can see etc lol not on inet. And this one friend I only kept in the beginning cuz of knowing since forever so... family like, you just love as they are and more important they you! I am either going mad because as the new age people say a shift and/or midlife crisis? I can't tell the difference. Anyway you are well mad my friend as am I and thats the preferred state as far as I am concerned so ..I mean, I walk my dog. Most do. But for me its spiritual, (for lack of better word). The trees I see, my dog's enjoyment, etc just flowers all of it. LOL maybe spring fever enhanced. I know I sound like a crack pot and I am lonely but at the same time I couldnt be with another at this time. Changing too much and too fast.
pretty much

you can look at the human as a bipolar energy generator, one subconsciusly always perpetuating infinite energy yet funneled through the thought processes which subconsciously perpetuate the madness of the human drama for the single minded goal of feeling the totality of the lower vibrational experience.

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