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Originally Posted by iwantthetruth View Post
Sorry I am a bit late in posting our letter for 28th March (other needs took over)


Hello lurkers and forum posters,

This is the NEW letter to send to your MP for 28th March 2013

If you have already written to your MP - use this draft to encourage family and friends in other constituencies to write to their MPs.

Use this site to send an email:


Now it only takes a few minutes of your time to click on and then copy and paste the following message.

Please post on this thread to say which MP has been contacted. Be big and brave and choose an ID and join us.

Come on lurkers, There are children who continue to be abused by these paedophile rings and they need your voice.

Thank you and welcome to our forum

Dear [my MP]

Last October, Tom Watson MP announced during Prime Ministers Question Time that he had evidence which confirms that there is a paedophile ring linked to Downing Street.

Whilst I am pleased that Mr Cameron launched a number of investigations at that time, I am extremely disappointed about the lack of progress so far. In particular, I am concerned that Operations Pallial, Yewtree, Fairbank, Fernbridge etc will never link together to expose the overall picture of possible paedophile links.

Eleven celebrities were arrested under Operation Yewtree, yet only 3 prosecutions will be made. I would suggest that the ‘lack of evidence’ tactic smacks of what happened in the 1980s - a cover-up.

There are contemporary newspaper articles that confirm that Geoffrey Dickens handed over two very important documents to Leon Brittan which contained evidence of a paedophile ring reaching Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street and throughout the UK. Whilst FOI requests have been sent to Teresa May (current Home Secretary) she has been delegating her responses to Jeremy Browne. This is not acceptable.

I want you to ask Teresa May to respond to me in person regarding the Dickens' Dossiers.

I also want you to ask Harriet Harman two questions on my behalf:

1. Did she support the views of Paedophilia Information Exchange (PIE)? If not, why did she act as the Treasurer for PIE which advocated that the age of consent should be reduced to 4 years old,

2. Why she did not pursue the information about child abuse in Islington Council when she was the Leader of the Council?

It is becoming increasingly clear that the legacy of Peter Righton (Paedophile Information Exchange) continues even though PIE was officially disbanded in 1984 and all members were said to be arrested by 2006.

Operation Yewtree reported that there was no evidence that Jimmy Savile was part of a paedophile ring. If Members believe that then they are sadly misinformed or mistaken. Operation Yewtree arrested 11 people - but only 3 will be charged. It is not acceptable that 8 will not be charged ‘because of lack of evidence’. Our judicial system continues to make victims from the survivors of child abuse.

Recent information (now in the public domain) confirms that Jimmy Savile was linked to Kincora Boys home, Haute de la Garanne, Duncroft Girls School, Bryn Estyn, Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Broadmoor Hospital, Leeds General Hospital, and many more locations. It now appears that Jimmy Savile was a procurer of children - we just have to establish where and to whom he handed these vulnerable children.

Jimmy Savile has been linked to known paedophiles, for example Cyril Smith and Peter Jaconelli.

It is now incumbent on you as my MP to make sure that that any paedophiles are not protected. They must be exposed and given the most harshest sentence possible under our current judicial system.

There can be no hiding place for paedophiles. They must be exposed and brought to justice - whatever there rank or favour. So I have additional tasks I expect of you:

4. Contact Tom Watson and tell him that you support his endeavours in exposing paedophiles in the Cabinet, the Royal Household and beyond.

5. Write to Ken Livingstone and confirm your support to him for exposing the alleged ‘dirty tricks’ of MI5 in handing over young boys to be sexually abused, and videoed for the purposes of blackmail.

6. Also, write to Teresa May and tell her that you expect her to find the two dossiers submitted by Geoffrey Dickens to Leon Brittan when he was Home Secretary.

[Geoffrey Dickens (Conservative MP for Littleborough and Saddleworth) handed over two significant and important dossiers to Leon Brittan (then Home Secretary) in 1984. These dossiers contained information about paedophiles who were members of Parliament, senior police officers and other high-ranking officials. No action was taken in 1984 although Mr Dickens was assured in a meeting with Mr Brittan that the matter would be given full attention.]

7. Ask for an urgent, over-arching inquiry [Royal Commision] which has the remit to draw together the information gathered and investigate whether the paedophile rings which can be identified are inter-linked within the UK and Europe.

My concern is not primarily about ‘historic abuse’ because I do believe that paedophilia is currently happening to this day. However, if the historical allegations are pursued, some of the current child abusers will be identified and brought to justice.

There is current witness testimony that alleges that some of the paedophiles are serving MPs, senior police officers, judges and members of the Royal Household.

I look to you, as my member of Parliament, to either reassure me that these allegations are incorrect - or work with other Members to expose these paedophiles.

The protection of our children is not a party political issue. This is a humanitarian matter which should grab your heart as a father/mother, son/daughter or child. I will not tolerate the continued abuse of children in care, in boarding schools or within our society.

I look forward to receiving your response to this letter.

Yours sincerely

Sent to Angie Bray - MP for Ealing and Acton
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