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Angry People treated as THINGS!

Originally Posted by welshwitch View Post
Just throwing this in the mix for people to choose how they follow thro.

Murun's website


Part of the message is that although Savile revelations have created awareness, abuse of children has been on-going for decades - murun's site illustrates this with msm historic coverage. Tho it galls me to acknowledge it, for many people - if it isn't covered by mainstream - it didn't happen. So they need to see the news reports from wayback as well as current. They also need to be aggrieved about the CURRENT ABUSE.

They need to understand that this is not just the realm of conspiracy theory -it is FACT - and the abuse permeates every segment of their lives - AND IT STEMS FROM THE TOP.

This is much bigger than Savile - it's about wholesale usage of people as a commodity - fodder for experiments - from breeding compliant robots to eugenics.

At some point between cradle and grave the abuse impinges on the lives of 99.9% of the population. The trigger points will be different for each.

It makes it harder for us to put the message across- and it also makes it much, much harder for them to subdue us collectively in one go.

One size does not fit all.

We need to understand that, as much as we can see that they don't.
So very true, once the followers of the El Ite copy those that they concieve of as their "betters" and treat people as things, then things are disposable. Things need no care, compassion or love and things can be excluded from their "exclusive" lives. The children of things are disposable!

The ‘you’ that exists beyond these stubborn entanglements is a silent, serene, being-ness; a free, wise and child-like ‘you’ that has always known the way to the secret garden, and that has always recognised the nature beings with whom we share this gracious planet.

Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed oponent!
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