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Originally Posted by glyix View Post
Lol are you telling me that I have been reprogrammed? Take a look at what you just wrote, and tell me you're not brain washed.

You are so brain washed still that you think of those parasites as "elites" haha what a joke. Have fun living in your paranoid world.

Don't get me wrong, I like my privacy. But I'm not some weakling who is scared of the "elites" watching over us mann. Honestly what does it matter? Let them watch me! Track my IP! Track my fucking phone!!! I do not give a shit what those fucking parasites do. I'm not scared of them, they aint shit.

For the love of God stop living is such fear, that is the real control weapon.
It's not just a case of them 'watching' you, it's a case of them having so much power that it is difficult to protect yourself when they can abuse their powers to try and stop you going about your daily life. Let me tell you, they can see you (more or less) whereever you are ... they know where you are at (more or less) any given moment, and further, they have the ability to ruin your life.

Further, it appears that your so-called friends become too afraid to support you - as it seems that they can do the same to them or anyone else. This draconian law must be stopped. But without direct action it will be difficult.
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