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Originally Posted by girlgye View Post
You won't.
A murder charge, and it's as simple as that?
Refuse to identify yourself, and that's it?
We have already established this in your stupid thread before but because we are not telling you a. b. c. step by step how to do and for you to advise and milk how not to do a.b.c.
If it's so stupid why are you contributing?
If it is not worthy, why does it appear to be the case that this thread has annoyed you?
You are inventing snarky, invidious threads which you claim are teaching people but the fact is you are irritating viewers and people who use this board.
I haven't claimed to be teaching anybody.
But, the case of Lance Thatcher and his response in court set me thinking: how would a fotl community deal with a similar instance? I am only asking the question.

Simple as.

You've been answered now fuck off.

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