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Originally Posted by rumpelstilzchen View Post
You are missing the point.
I have withdrawn consent to be identified by any name.
I am also refusing to identify myself.
So, my question is: Am I forced to be recognised by a name whether I consent to it or not?

to girlgye:
This is not intended to be sarcastic in any way whatsoever.
Unless of course you consider a discussion on what may be potential flaws in fotl ideology as being sarcastic, irrespective of the manner in which they are put forward.
Then this has to be discussed with the mods. I think you have skeptic enquiry forums. Or, I might suggest your skeptical enquiry of fmol is put to the bottom of this board.

Put simply you are here not to debate but to attack and destroy this board. As can be seen by your constant back slapping achievements on the board that is designed for you.
You will not put anyone off with your comments but in your insane mind you believe that you are doing a fantastic job.

Go figure.
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