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Default "Totally" convinced?

Originally Posted by nordei View Post
Andromedans made lot of spectacular predictions none of which came true and I don't remember Collier ever addressing this issues in his discourses. Perhaps nothing is fixed, time lines are changing and that's just the way universe is but Collier/ Andromedans were rather precise and appeared totally convinced that some spectacular events are going to take place during last decade..[/I]
Well, the Andromedans were not totally convinced: Collier always said that those future scenarios were only probabilities, not predictions:

The Andromedans are a very scientific race and they know that the future is not set in stone, it can change many times in many ways. And as Collier has said, we create our own future and that is why the world elite has been manipulating us to create more and more wars, poverty, etc...

Originally Posted by nordei View Post
Collier should have at least tried to explaine to a public what went wrong. Maybe the problem was in his interpretation of these telepathic messages but there is always possibility that he was manipulated by some beings from another dimension..[/I]
I'm also waiting if Collier will explain why those probable events didn't occur. However, they were still only probabilities, nothing more. I don't think Collier understood wrong the information he was given cause he's a contactee, not a channel. He doesn't have to interpret the information cause he is contacting the Andromedans face-to-face.

I'm sure the Andromedans were very clear and accurate when they shared these probable events with Collier so that there would not be any misunderstandings with the factors like what, where, when and how something may happen.

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