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Originally Posted by shenoma View Post
I will give a basic Japanese saying, 'a rolling rock gathers no moss.' Something close to that thought, we in the west take from that saying it's good to move and be active because who wants moss growing on you. In the east it hold entirely different meaning, where moving with speed you lose your lovely moss in the process.

My point being, is that you have two human cultures looking at the same thought in completely different terms and holds different meaning of their minds. So goes for the so-called aliens looking down on us earthlings. We can't push our ideals and thoughts onto what motives their decision making, your so-human whys of the Others fails utterly in trying to calculate their true motives. You can't understand Them with a human mindset, like if you wanted to truly understand a human culture, you would have to let go of what you have always known and let yourself be absorbed in it. What you have always been, will remain with added knowledge and new resources you can call upon.
Logic is universal and an aspect and expression of intelligence .....


An advanced civilisation will be intelligent .....


Aliens would not behave illogically ..... unless they are just imaginary friends conjured up by Alex !!
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