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Originally Posted by adeptusminor View Post
This is clearly marketing encouraging negative, 'worst case scenario' thinking! Reality is created by the thoughts (ideas), intentions and emotions generated by all of us..this date (symbolic, as all dates are) would ideally be viewed as either a neutral event (meaning nothing) or an opportunity for positive experience..ok, a calendar ends Dec. 21, 2012...what this means is that a NEW calendar begins Dec. 22, 2012..a chance for evolution! Hollywood has a very negative agenda here, and it is the responsibility of every thinking human ( i mean you guys... because if you're here, there's a reason for that, right?) to focus on the best of possible outcomes for the good of our species' evolution. We create the world we live in! We create our own reality and no pissy lizards from Orion can take that away from us. > L.

If thats true and some are awake and fully aware that they create the reality they live in then why arent they changing it? Why are they still living in the same reality? For all Icke is enlightened and aware, here he still is trapped within the matrix along with many others who claim this is just a dream world of our making.

How does that work?

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