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I did my first bit of wild camping this year last week. Unfortunately I forgot to charge the battery on my new-fangled camera before I left so I don't have any pictures. My old one ran on AA batteries, no need to take a plug away with you.
Anyway I camped on Loch Lomondside and not only did I bring home my first tick of the year, I was swarmed by midges as I packed up the tent. An early start for them this year but they aren't biting yet at least.
I did get to hear a tawny owl and see a tribe of wild goats peacefully browsing in the oak woods just by my tent. The honking of geese in April always cheers me up too, summer is on the way!
"I know corries in Argyll that whisper silken to the wind with juicy grasses. Corries where the deer love to prance deep in the cool dew and the beasts of far-off woods come in bands at their seasons and together rejoice." from John Splendid by Neil Munro
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