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Originally Posted by jack tripper View Post
Well you see Hiram Abiff is not a person. That's simply a symbol of self, the higher self, the godhood within man When they talk about the three unworthy craftsman, they often call it the 'Juwes' like Jack the Ripper used. It's desire, thought and action. That's what they stand for. Desire, thought and action used impulsively will kill the higher god within you and you become the low profane. That's what it means. It's all allegory you see. As they come in the Grand Master is always sat in the East, where the sun rises, and then you go round the alter and you have become a god. That's the secret.
Quit applying your interpretations as if they are Masonic.

FYI, the Grand Master is in charge of a Grand Lodge. The Worshipful Master is in charge of an individual Lodge where these degrees are conferred, and no there is no apotheosis within the rituals of Freemasonry.

Originally Posted by jack tripper View Post
Nonsense. Either you know and are just being dishonest, or you are one of these porch Masons.
None of the above. I'm being honest, I do know you are lying, and I'm far from being the definition of your derogatory term "porch mason."

Now once you're at the 40th degree, that's when you're into the lower gods. It's modeled after Elohim and the angels, and you've got the orders of the angels all the way up to the illumined gods. Like I said, 'Life begins at 40'. It's all esoteric.
This is all your opinion, not fact. Again, you are making shit up as usual.
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