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Lightbulb Kaula Circle

The Secrets of The Kaula Circle: A Tale of Fictitious People Faithfully Recounting Strange Rites Still Practised by this Cult. Followed by a translation of a very old MS. on The Science of Health..Was not only one of the first books to introduce the secret Indian rituals associated with the Kaula or "Tantric" family to a Western audience, but it was also almost certainly the first book of its kind to be written by a woman. Elizabeth Sharpe was already well known for her studies and translations on Indian history and religions, but chose to write of the Kaula path as a novel, perhaps as it allowed her more dramatic effect, and in part at least she wanted it to serve as a warning, particularly to women, not to be drawn into the web of practice that she described. Her misgivings had been heightened by the apparent adoption of some of the practices by Western occultists, notably Aleister Crowley, whose person and activities she described in most unflattering terms. Although The Secrets of the Kaula Circle did not achieve a wide circulation, a copy did find its way into the hands of "the Beast," who professed outrage at the thinly-veiled and unflattering portrait of himself, and considered suing the author. This Teitan Press edition of The Secrets of the Kaula Circle includes the complete text of the original 1936 edition, along with a new index, and an Introduction by Dr. David Templeman, an adjunct scholar at the Monash Asia Institute at Monash University with more than 40 years of experience in the study of Tibetan and related religious traditions...

Kaula or Kula describes a type of Hindu tantrism reckoned by Gavin Flood to derive from Kapalika or "cremation ground" asceticism, and to divide into northern, eastern, southern and western schools across the subcontinent.. The Kaula tradition is sometimes more simply divided into 2 main branches, Purva Kaula and Uttara Kaula.. The Kaula lineage is closely linked to the Siddha and Nātha traditions..Kaula System performed by Moothath Brahmins in Kerala and Nairs High Castes (Kiryathil Nairor Nair Royal Lineage of Kerala). The Text based on 'Kularnava Tantra', 'Maha Nirvahana Tantra', Sakthi Tantra etc..In this sacrifice, the wise man should use the very ingredient which is forbidden in the series of scriptures. It is immersed in the nectar-of-the-left." (Tantrāloka)..Actions or objects are not seen impure in themselves, rather the attitude is the determinant factor. Spiritual ignorance is the only impurity and knowledge is pure.. As long as one is identified with the supreme consciousness, there is nothing impure.. The adept is unaffected by any external impurity and makes use of what is reprehensible to attain transcendence.. Here arises the antinomian and asocial character of Kaula and the left-handed forms of Tantra...
The earliest reference to yoni tattva in Kaula tantra seems to be in the Kaula Jnana Nirnaya of Matsyendranath (English translation published by Prachya Prakashan, Benares, 1986):-- "In Kaula Agama, the 5 pure and eternal substances are ash, wife's nectar, semen, menstrual blood and ghee mixed together. In occasional rites and in acts of Kama Siddhi, the great discharge is without doubt and most certainly what one should do in Kaula Agama. One should always consume the physical blood and semen. Dearest One, this is the oblation of the Yoginis and the Siddhas". (KJN, Patala 8) "A brahmin goes to heaven by endless washing of the feet and mouth, whereas a person repeatedly making a forehead mark of Kunda, Gola or Udbhava menses destroys various ailments such as leprosy and smallpox and is free from all disease in the same way that a serpent sloughs its skin." (ibid, Patala 8) "Blood is the female (Vama) elixir. Mixed with wine and semen, it is the Absolute." (ibid, Patala 18) Other Kaula tantras deal with the subject of menstrual blood in very plain terms...'s on the forty-five Mohammed Ruffi (forty-five) Lata Mangeshka (forty-five)solid state radio (forty-five)ferguson mono (forty-five)Mon public (forty-five)Jacques Dutronc and the Bolan Boogiesthe Heavy Hitters and the chi chi musicAll Indian radio (forty-five)two in ones (forty-five)ovvo records (forty-five)trojan records (forty-five)...
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