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Originally Posted by decim View Post
I watched that Hellier series you posted.
Then after watched some Mothman and dogman stuff was kind of weird they both mentioned idrid cold.
Think it could be Mothman related SOL?
Stay alert.
I'm conscious of the fact that I sound like a delusional lunatic in claiming it was Indrid Cold, but...

I remember a few years ago reading about a guy who claimed to have had emails from Indrid Cold, and other people have also allegedly been harassed by 'him' after talking about him or investigating paranormal stuff related to the Mothman.

I have spoken about him often on this forum, and have recently written a fair bit on interdimensional beings, so, who knows?

It was a classic case of the 'electronic voice phenomena phone call thing' so I can at least tick that off my bucket list of things I wondered whether were real or not.
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