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K'nell I just posted about that.
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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
It wasn't until yesterday morning my time (the morning after posting the OP of this thread describing the weird phone call) that I again suddenly recalled something I had completely forgotten about that happened to me three mornings earlier, the morning of the day before the phone call...

I walked out to my car to get something from it before work at 6am. It was still dark and I stood out there finishing a cup of coffee. I live in the country and noticed above a row of pine trees looking east an incredibly bright star that I assumed was Venus (I'm still yet to check if Venus was anywhere in that vicinity at the time). As I kept looking at it, I realised that it looked more like an aircraft and seemed to be moving closer.

It looked like a chunky, brightly shining object hanging silently in the black pre-dawn sky and slowly moving towards me.

"Is that a star? Is it moving? No, it's Venus. No, it's a plane. It's definitely moving. Is it a UFO? That thing is moving and it's coming closer."

All those sorts of thoughts were going through my mind as I'm looking at this thing and finishing my coffee.

I know about atmospheric distortion effects and how easy it is to mistake a planet or bright star for something anomalous.

Still don't know if it was a star/planet or something else.

Remember, this happened well before my thoughts about wanting to talk about Indrid Cold, or about inviting the paranormal into your life, and neither of those things, or the Hellier thread were in my mind at all at 6am on a work morning when all I wanted to do was go back to bed.

And suddenly, the thought popped into my mind: "It's Indrid Cold."

I felt a cold wave of fear pulse through me for a second or two as I felt that it really was Indrid Cold coming for me.

And then the next moment my rational brain kicked in, I emptied my coffee and said aloud to no one: "Fuck this. I haven't got time for this bullshit," and turned away to go inside and feed the cat and iron a shirt before work.

Totally quashed the idea on the spot and forgot all about it until days later after the phone call.

I don't know if I'm conveying all this in a way that makes sense, but to summarise, these events all seem to have been erased from my mind immediately after they happened, and all centred around Indrid Cold/inviting the paranormal, and then I get the weird phone call and I have these flashes of revelation remembering the events in reverse order.

In John Keel's The Mothman Prophecies, he speaks about Indrid Cold's involvement and details the way he was plagued with mysterious, electronically-tinged voice phenomena phone calls during and well after his investigations.

Much more to add, but that will do for now.
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