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Originally Posted by dolores1 View Post
Stabilizes (Reaction for the seed to grow)
Cycle four is a period of dark when polarized factions come to blows over their

It's working guys
Yep, it sure is.

I have a feeling that this bull about Osama being killed is the story which will create the chain REACTION out of all the deceit, eventually ending the debt slavery.

So many sheeple are now more suspicious of the MSM, this IMO could be the last straw, when the unawake realise that the story doesn't add up or that we are never shown any evidence of anything we r told to believe, the last chapter and long overdue chapter of the ethics cycle will kick in.

I have been similar to a few on this thread in the past weeks, not seeing the changes we were promised by the deviphers of the calendar, but if u think about, to combat debt slavery and the IMF, it doesn't have to be a long drawn out thing, it could change over nite.

We are an adaptable species, it left brain beaurocracy that makes us think it should be showing signs of coming to an end, when in reality it could just switch in one day.

One day when the world refuses to ho to work etc... That would knock the system for shit.
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