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so im moving out of the apartment, we all are, going our separate ways. the film i got booked to work on has been delayed twice, was supposed to shoot early april, then got pushed back to May i found out its been pushed back again to late June...sigh, oh well.

looking at a couple places to stay, one guy has a spare room in his apartment, its not too bad, he has a nice place. im not sure though if he will pick me as he as other candidates. another option is a shared housing program, bunch of people in one big house type thing, you can pay daily or weekly, no contract or credit check, which is good for me.

i think part of this restlessness is me moving on, but ive moved before and didn't feel this way, so its different this time. im just looking for a way to be creative without having to slave away at some job, sucking all the life force from me...this is why im looking for some definite sign that this debt slave nonsense is coming to an end and i just dont see it...of course everyone says "it cant maintain itself much longer", but they've been saying that for long is "much longer", its not like the elite cant just keep adding zeros, cook their financial books, and just continue the charade...there a thousand loopholes they can use to continue the debt system, and i dont feel like its going anywhere. the system is not based on math, they just continue it through loop holes because technically it should have already collapsed.

and i feel like all the talk in the world isn't going to change anything...maybe the sheep see the futility of it all and just get on with it...cant say i blame them.
‎"people are basically just vehicles to create money, which must create more money to keep the whole thing from falling apart"
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