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I feel this way too, periodically i just dont resonate with this and ron annoys me, i check myself on this and find actually im just annoyed and pissed off and if another person tells me to "be love" im gonna shoot their face off. but this is my shit and i wouldnt want to post it here and upset anyone. but let me go forth and give you my opinion. since feeling such a shift in myself from mid feb onwards and having experienced much personal and sustained change i cant write it off completely, like you ambler i question everything too, i have had points when this thread has delighted and inspired me to darn right annoyed the socks off me and made me outright wanna vomit, but im still here listening in such are my moods. i mostly keep my opinions to myself - mostly.

I cannot see much in the way of change/progress toward a debt & slave free world but that doesnt mean it isnt happening (nor does it mean it is!) its not a stupid one but a loaded one none the less as obviously there was no answer to be had and i guess you knew it, one point to you.

I agree with you dont get me wrong - i have been in hibernation this weekend, i cant believe how many facebook messages there were buying into the royal wedding, i saw flags and street party's on my way back into the city after being out in the new forest trying to ignore the bledy wedding. campers even had flags. point being i really hoped that the wedding and cost of the security etc would in a time of austerity wake a few folk up but no "her dress was beautiful" hummm yes that your child has forfeit their education to buy (goes my cynical mind) maybe this will peculate through the universal mind at a later date? fingers crossed but breath not held.

ive been thinking about ethics and the last underworld - im sure lobuk can correct any mistakes here but it seems to me ethics was the lesson from that last wave and that hasnt really set in much - big corps, big pharma, political and industrial business as usual and yet there seems to be a focus down on the street on an awareness of ethics these days, i wonder that these waves if they exist, arent in fact unconscious; meaning they are but seeds in the psyche rather than overt manifestations happening on queue rather the seed is planted on queue? especially these more subtle ones like ethics and universal, that their manifestation begins in individual minds - surely more people are "awake" and beginning to think that politics is a load of bull then say 10 years ago.

i cannot honestly see the banks disappearing or giving the money back by october but i can see more people realizing they are being shafted perhaps to a critical mass. i hope at least and will ride this thread out for the duration, i'll not feel devastated or cheated if it remains the same to my eyes for i do not know what events such at the Egyptian riots have had on the collective conscious or how long these things will take to show up in real terms i think these things take time to manifest and are difficult to trace to specific events. i think of my own microcosm and how long it can take for an intent of mine to manifest!

all i know is since the first date was it 11th feb? i have felt some stubborn lathery shift and i have learned things about the nature of my own resistance and my own ego. i maintain as i always have that this energy, this wave - if its more then wishful thinking, really boils down to the individual. these energies, again if more than just me clinging to something, seem to be an opportunity for me to set right my life, to fight the beast within - my ego, the greatest weapon of tptb, installed in each of us as children and damaged to the point of total ego-centricitism and self concern. for if we all squabble amongst ourselves and defend against the slightest infringement with attack and enemy perception tptb job is really done, divided and conquered - they dont need martial law we all enslave one another - you're a dick, no your a dick, no your a dick. I truly believe until we overcome ourselves we're never going to be able to organise and form a consolidated movement against them. we'd kill one one and other before we even got out the door over which colour shirt we should be wearing. this board still tells me we're light years from a state unified in viva la difference as even if you discount the obvious (to me now) trolls and shills hardly a poster on here can truly let live and agree to disagree without ego dropping by for a good old slag off. It never ceases to amazing me how the slightest disagreement is met by arrogance met by more arrogance like fuel to flame, we're all far to precious and like little children. "im right your wrong - im telling my mum!" its like eastenders on here sometimes!

I've got my personal battles to fight, yes the systems stinks, yes the world is insane, yes we're poisoned, damaged and dumbed down slaves but a crusade against this is bound to fail unless we can see past our own belly button, the little me and effect the changes we can in our own sphere of influence. Times can be boring, cyclical, unknowable - thats the human condition today and it seems to me a bad condition made worse by the failure on our own part to take out our own garbage.
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