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I know what you are saying Ambler, I was thinking along the same lines about a week ago.

Although seeing Ambler and Lobuk, both have their ego's display, has just made me realise, i was right to question it, as was Ambler.

But if we need any evidence that the 2nd night energies are here, then read the last few pages.

I think we will start seeing more of the full break away from all current systems in the next month or so.

If these past few pages are anything to go by, we are in for a bumpy 2nd night.

Isn't the 2nd night about action?

Is it not Mayday tomorrow? A day which has seen riots against captialism across Europe in the past 10 years?

I am not following it blindly but if we don't see any break away from debt slavery by the 6th day/night, I will feel duped, or really start having doubts.

Remember that the powers that be, maybe sending signals thru phone masts, phones, wifi routers and even chemtrails, to try to slow this process down or insert negative doubting thoughts, at a cruicial time when we all need to have faith and BELIEVE in consciousness co-creation.

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