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Originally Posted by mandrake View Post
Milk is unnatural to drink, only humans drink it after weaning at it's not ever our own species' milk!

Eating meat is unnatural. Because we have to change it by cooking to make it even palatable. I wonder how many people would eat raw chicken or raw pork.

Not many I'm guessing.
I eat it raw! Not pork though, I don't eat at all!
Wild boar, oh yes! Imagine the blood running down my chin! Yummy!

And why do you think eating veggies are more natural than eating meat?

Did you know that raw veggies from the cabbage family contain hyroid inhibitors and must be cooked to destroy them? You didn't did you?

Raw veggies diet is not good for men as it feminises them and no good for women as it screws up their thyroid.
So why do it?
Because Veganism is a religion and vegans are ... weak and not very bright (my personal observation)!

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