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Originally Posted by 1337 View Post
here is a more modern article sir.

using bit torrent over tor is the most susceptible to such an attakc.

also there is many many other ways, using covert channel methods of tracing people very very easily, including digital finger printing and water marking.

if you have something to hide. you are on the top of the list of being found out.
same shit, yes, the fingerprinting shit has been debunked unless made at the isp level and deep packet inspection is used, water marking same shit, if you read above , i said to use a no logging vpn if your going to run tor, and some vpn providers claimed you can run vpn over tor so whichever floats your boat after you research, because just going blindly and doing stuff can get you fucked up.
The intelligentsia put out fakes and disinformation into some of the alternative media sources on the internet. Most of the alternative media is controlled by British Intelligence and the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst in order to try and steer the minds of the awakening few so no one can slip the net of slavery and illusion. Most of the U.S. alternative media is actually run by Knight of Malta. source unhived mind website
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