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Arrow V Order

The Maltese cross, in Italy also known as the Amalfi cross, is the cross symbol associated with the Knights Hospitaller (the Knights of Malta) and by extension with the island of Malta. The cross is 8-pointed and has the form of 4 "V"-shaped elements, each joining the others at its vertex, leaving the other two tips spread outward symmetrically. Its design is based on crosses used since the First Crusade.. It is also the modern symbol of Amalfi, a small Italian republic of the 11th century..

In the 15th century, the 8 points of the 4 arms of the later called Maltese Cross represented the 8 lands of origin, or Langues of the Knights Hospitaller: Auvergne, Provence, France, Aragon, Castilleand Portugal, Italy, Baviere (Germany), and England (with Scotland and Ireland)..

The 8 points also symbolize the 8 obligations or aspirations of the knights:

to live in truth
to have faith
to repent one's sins
to give proof of humility
to love justice
to be merciful
to be sincere and wholehearted
to endure persecution..Both the Order of Saint John (in German, the Johanniterorden) and the Venerable Order of St John teach that the 8 points of the cross represent the 8 Beatitudes.. The Venerable Order's main service organisation, St John Ambulance, has applied secular meanings to the points as representing the traits of a good first aider..Fuck your word! I will bring down every one of you fucking cunts!..

In medicine, the disease Babesiosis is recognized by the tetrad form that the parasite takes inside red blood cells..The Maltese cross is used to identify the final approach fix in a non-precision instrument approach (one that lacks precision vertical guidance), in contrast to the use of a lightning bolt type icon, which identifies the final approach fix in a precision approach..The 14th district of Prague has a Maltese cross on its coat of arms..The Huguenot cross, a symbol of French Protestants, is a Maltese cross with a dove.. Several towns in Northern Germany have a Maltese cross on their coats of arms..Two Dutch towns, Ermelo and Montfoort, use the Maltese cross on their flags, and the former on its coat of arms also..The Maltese Cross is the Trademark of the oldest Swiss watch manufacturer, Vacheron Constantin..In the United Kingdom, the Maltese Cross is the symbol used by Rifle Regiments, and has been incorporated into the badges of virtually all rifle units, including the capbadge of the Bermuda Regiment, officers cross belt of the Gurkha Rifles and now amalgamated, the Royal Green Jackets..Phi Kappa Sigma, an international all-male college secret and social Fraternity, uses a Maltese cross as its symbol.. In Portugal, the Maltese Cross forms the base for the country's Order of Merit..The Maltese cross is a national symbol of Malta and is displayed as part of the Maltese civil ensign...

The MoD purchased the 60,000 gold coins from the Bank of England in January 1991, just before the conflict erupted, for about pounds 60 each.. The real value of the 22-carat gold coins will fluctuate with the price of gold..Instead of selling them back to the bank of England, the MoD decided it could make more money by selling them in presentation packs..“The only thing that stopped Dinger getting his head cut off was that he had a couple of G
old Sovereigns and he handed them over to the Iraqis”... is a derivative of opium.. Apart from doctors and addicts,not many would be able to detect it.. Below the skin of history are London's veins...

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