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Originally Posted by silentnomore View Post
Yes, I'd read this about the Annunaki before, and certainly don't see a reason why this might not be the case. I'm a big believer in the Robert Morning Sky Terra Papers and will advocate a lot that people start reading them because, to me, it resonates completely and gives a fuller picture of our origins and place in the universe, if not the local galactic area, anyway.

Regarding the pyramids of Giza, though - there's also been some really interesting speculation as to their true purpose, one of which that struck me as very interesting was that they may well have been either a fuel source for re-fuelling ET craft:

or also as a water pump:

What are your thoughts?
The pyramids are a machine, I don't see how that can even be debatable when you look at their interior.

I kinda like the idea that the Egyptians had wireless energy via the pyramids
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