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Default Talk of 100 multipliers

Talk of 100 multipliers
ISIS/"Putin": Illuminati mockery about the genocide in Syria
Using one of the organizations dressed as "humanitarians": for truth in plain sight by simply apply the 100 multiplier
Aug 18, 2015: "SNHR: Russian Forces Surpasses ISIS in Killing Syrian Civilians"

Aug 18, 2015: SNHR: Russian Forces Surpasses ISIS in Killing Syrian Civilians

Truth in plain sight commandment of the illuminati religion - for dummies
Freedom fighters vs the IV Reich, run by the same nazis as the III Reich
NO actress plays Angela Merkel's mother, Gretl Braun alias Herlind Kasner: WHY exposed worldwide first

ISIS are fake rebels used to fight and discredit the real rebels in Syria and there's none in Iraq.
ISIS mercenaries are supplied by two fake sunni governments, the treasonous illuminazi puppets of Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
Turkish supply of ISIS includes NATO soldiers dressed as jihadists, all part of ASSAD's nazi forces.
Islamic State ISIS - the SIX basic facts for dummies
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