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Originally Posted by spongbob View Post
It is my belief that television is In control of earths destiny. It is. My belief that you and others will not believe this .Many claim such things as that the violence ;sex ;and ;Litely disguised occult programing is not real.I beleave I have made my point .Anyone capible enough to evaluate the effect on one of 2 generations might wonder why such a tool exists what I am wondering now ? Is for consideration....
Originally Posted by cosmic tramp View Post
I don't actually own a digi box so I never watch TV unless I'm visiting someone else. Don't miss it either.
TV is the BLACK MIRROR (just like PCs and mobile devices) and is just one of many tools used by TPTB to boil us like Frogs, we are sheeple because of such.

I am considering ditching all forms of tech, but my life would be even harder than it is if I do so.......I already turn off/over channels is I see propaganda being spouted, the BBC (Bilderberg/Bullshit Broadcasting Corp.) is one of the worst offenders (biased/skewed). It says something when Russian TV starts broadcasting truths!
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