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Default Cuckold Cosmos?

Thomas Stearns Eliot poems

Yet it’s all the cosmos. We are full cosmos the human part is a part of the cosmos doing itself and the potential of being aware of itself via humans which the cosmos created.
The human part is like a flea on an elephants ass.

Humans to the cosmos would be like creating a clone of yourself to cuckold while you screw your wife.
It would be entertaining, it would still be you and you wouldn’t have to outsource.

Now remember humans are the expression, vehicle and limitation, you are ultimately the cosmos not your body.
Danny Edwards
If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

Scio Te Ipsum - Verum Ordo Ad Chao

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