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There's an interesting part in the video in OP (Just watched it again for perhaps the 6th time) ....

Andrew Bartzis ... "The good guys (ET's) – there are 5,283 separate species in unity, enforcing a Quarantine here.  Well, the technology that they’ve (the NWO) been trading human DNA or human people for, is to create “out of phase realities” around defensive systems, around special structures, so that they can’t be teleported away by the big ships – like a lot of the missile systems that we have are made completely inoperable; a lot of the TR3B Triangle Ships have actually been removed – they go into the base – and they’re gone.  A lot of the deep underground bases have been completely emptied out of all negative technologies – but; they ultimately knew that would happen…so they created mass amounts of technological systems that could protect the vital weapons , “You’re held hostage because we have ending the world weaponry”, here…out of phase – and they can’t find them....."

So AB is saying that the 'good' ET's have the ability to disable the government's missiles....
(this has been well documented 2min video or this telegraph article ...

...and the good ET's can also teleport weapons systems out of government bases ..

To get around this the government has been buying advanced technology from the 'bad' aliens ... trading it for humans (every year 1 million US citizens 'go missing') ... with this technology they can put weapons "in another reality" where the good aliens can't reach them.

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