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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Om!... you are basically saying that everyone ...Icke , Jones, Parkes ,everyone in the truth movement is being miss led, and is peddling dis-info, under the CIA's direction , through electronic mind-control ....
Not everyone is controlled opposition, but everyone is affected by these techs IMO. What stops the shadow govt from affecting people when they dam well have the tech?

Icke was completely set up by these technologies IMO. It is what was behind him saying or going along with the idea that he is the son of god IMO. Son of the godhead or whatever. It was done to discredit him IMO. I would be willing to bet it was v2k or mind control experiences that lead to him believing such. It's too perfect for the shadow govt's agenda and too illogical to tell the public with someone as intelligent as Icke is.

Jones is complicated. I think because he sticks to mundane areas of the conspiracy and/or he is somewhat compromised that he has been targeted less. But I do respect Jones. I do not think he is more controlled opposition than he is a truth warrior, but everyone with a name in alt media is taxed by these programs in one way or another IMO. Very few get through telling the world the truth unscathed. Ask jesus...

Parkes = disinformation, but one of the best disinfo sources

And only You have seen through this and broken free...
Not only me. Other TI's have had glimpses into these technologies, and other people are initiated to the truth, but they do not speak about it.

And I have not broken free. I just am not controlled opposition. I am mind controlled on a daily basis, tortured too. Instead of joining the illuminati I rejected their membership and opposed them. Maybe I was the first to somewhat decode the ET technological conspiracy, too. I could agree with that potentially.

Only you have the truth .... all others are deceived.
Nope, but everyone has been sacrificed or turned into controlled opposition IMO. Icke has more been sacrificed. Parkes is a disinformation extraordinaire. I know this to be true because of his mind control information, something I know very well oz. Parkes = disinfo.

Surely this rings alarm bells in your head !!!
Well you are exaggerating how I see it, but to be honest my information on technology is unparalleled in alt media. Find me another source as comprehensive and in depth as and i will accomodate you somehow. I dont think you realize that I very well may have cracked something here oz. But I understand it brings cognitive dissonance because it goes against what you believe and has some logical chords against it.

So I ask you this: Find a technology website that covers the tech conspiracy even 50% as well as I doubt you can and my website is only 3 months old. Nobody really knows the truth about AI. Most people who have experienced directed energy weapons have experienced a few things, not thousands of things. My mind control documentary is also unparalleled to anything I've seen, there is nothing even close to it yet in terms of describing the capabilities of technology. I do not get the credit I deserve on this forum but I have Ex-CIA/Ex-NSA and even a world reknown neuroscientist giving me recognition for a website that is just a baby yet covers tech areas of the conspiracy that literaly almost nobody else touched or even comprehends. Arguably the best ex-black project whistleblower's book has about 10% of the capabilities as my documentary, if that. So if you could know some of these truths maybe you would give my perspective more thought.
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