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Ok, I stayed in a virtual maze since 1996 when after seeing objects and people around me in strange behavior, trating me like I was invisible and in many ruling=to rule themselves in other time reacting too much agressive giving an impressing that I was in total contral of everything and at same time total vulnerable ending in total absence of conciousness. What a crap!
I take medicines for avoid all that happens again though It seems that all happenned it was surrealistic that never will "happen" again.
So, about the site artificial syncronicity, corners of reality at the same time mix great truth never exposed from I know and how it's obligate to use language as we know bring almost solution but because language has something strange pending, brings eternal questions.
We have to know what the word "alien" affects the reality, then we know the human relation, I guess.
Reality seems a total coincidence of everything at ll.
What I'm gonna do now knoing this? I don't know. I just know that I don't want repeat 1996 again, anymore.

Thanks for the links, I will see and we talk more about. I'm always here.
I would like to know your answers four your questions please or more.
I'm gonna do a virtual trip now to nowhere that calls Paraiba STATE.
I will try to maintain contact from there, sonn as possible, it's a poorest, inside Brazil.

A hug,
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