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Here is what "Dissahc" says of this:

"What must be known is that nowadays, in the "post-hurricane" period, practically everyone you meet is a "character" (due to there being survivors and still some neutral areas on planet Earth). A character is someone on the side of Nirvana that has a tool inside their brain called a "crystal". It allows mental communication to anyone else with a "crystal", which means everyone on this planet and possibly others. They have to follow certain guidelines and protocols when operating on the Earth "stageworld" and dealing with survivors (as well as neutrals). They are not allowed to admit the hurricane ever existed, or in fact that anything you learn here is true. They will deny everything and call you a crazy person. WHAT A CRAP. But don't worry. You probably had or will have many personal experiences proving that this is in fact very real."

Is it true,is the true question.....


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