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Default Re: What's up, I'm a friend of Radael's

Originally Posted by bipolarminionincarnation View Post
I've met the telepathic individuals you speak of, they, like everyone else, will not say much. They are very manipulative, and like to trap you. I do believe the good guys have "won" though. Have you heard from Neo or Radael? I remember you from myspace... tags: dissahc piece_of_nothing

Hi bipolarminionincarnation, nice to meet you.

Free your brain says that you have a choice of which side to join and that it will be respected. You have a choice to join the good side of spiritualized humans on the side of Nirvana. You do not have to be a slave to characters of the other side. They have to follow certain guidelines and protocols when dealing with neutral survivors to respect free will.

Depending on your belief system you make choices in life how to define reality.

THEY (foreigners of both sides) have to respect the free will of terrestrials and THEY have to avoid doing things that can give their characters away.
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