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I have been looking for other people about this concept for quite some time and it seems the only one to find a this moment is
"Piece_Of_Nothing's" protege "Dissahc"

I am Irv and here TO HELP YOU


Explain this to me as I have said this others earlier today,

I have been reading a concept theory and it explains about 2 alien factions going war against each other and majority of earth is filled with aliens in disguise.....

Anyways, today I "coincidentally" put on a film called "Aliens vs Predators 2:Requiem" on channel FX and it is about 2 aliens fighting each other on Earth

Question is:

Do I have mind superpowers?

or Is life planned out? and/or "pre-programmed" like a scientist told me?

or the "Matrix programmers" are subliminally behind this???

Interesting huh

Peace & Love to all my soul brothers and sisters.
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