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Originally Posted by artardfiesta View Post
.........the point about the taxes is you didn't necessarily get a say whether you can do it or not. if you don't there are consequences or a lifestyle change. you cannot go to an employer say hhey don't take off the taxes and not expect consequences. this is what I mean by full control all experiences come from your will. you do not have an absolute say.....
this is where you are missing my point, yes you do have a say in whether you pay taxes and yes you can go to your employer and ask them to stop paying taxes on your behalf, the consequences are an outcome of you changing your reality, you then decide if those consequences are good or bad for you and then you decide where to go from there on...thus you have full control here of your reality playing out based on your decisions, imo this is why the ptb get away with the shit they impose because they do not promote the idea that you are in control of your own reality, although they might give the illusion that they do, but the con of them promoting your control of your own reality is to affect their reality and the system they want
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