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Originally Posted by swamideva View Post
You mean select perceptions of realities, i am willing to bet that for all your efforts your are still in this reality with the rest of us.

I find it interesting how you equate new age BS, Bashar, Abraham Hicks with David Icke.

Correct me if i am wrong but i have never heard Icke endorse or offer any information from Bashar or Abraham Hicks. Though Icke does talk about perception ( how its manipulated) and the law of attraction.

No one is doubting that we are responsible for co-creating this reality through our beliefs and that we have been manipulated in doing so. We can also create our personal reality and do so with the law of attraction, we get back what we give out.

This is important what Jung says and it not done by simply changing perception.

What is in question here is the way these natural laws are corrupted by these new age gurus, by offering watered down and incomplete versions of the truth. They omit that in duality if i am to manifest something in my life i also attract its opposite if i am attached to the end result. So manifesting abundance will also create lack. It is the cyclical nature of reality.

We are all co-creators here these new age teachers are advocating selfish service to self information instead of service to others.

It seems that you are manipulating David Ickes writings on perception and the law of attraction to fit in with your new age beliefs, this is quite understandable. This is what perception does it creates the reality we want to believe in instead of what is.

Natural Law is a body of organic Spiritual Laws that is used by Nature to manage everything in the Universe. Without Natural Law, life and reality can’t exist. Below is a great definition of what Natural Law is. It is extracted from Part 1 of Mark Passio’s Natural Law Seminar.

Here is Passio on the law of attraction.

David Icke also talks of the importance of balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Click image for link.

To truly become an enlightened spiritual being, you need to learn how to balance your masculine and feminine energy. One way to do this is to learn how to live in harmony with Natural Law. Contrary to what many New Age and religious leaders say, you can’t balance your masculine and feminine energy through wishful thinking or by relying on a messiah to do it for you. Why is that you may ask? Because only you have the true power to balance your masculine and feminine energy. This is because the Creator gave you the power of consciousness, love, and thought. These three powers are the same powers that the Creator use to create the Universe!
I'm sorry but I just have a problem with this mark passio.


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