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Default the Modern Orthodoxy

Originally Posted by joe911 View Post
Right,this thread has been started to debate the claims about the new world order. First of all is to prove thier existence.

Id like to ask you,what evidence you have that they exist,and how you came to the conclusions you have about them.
Hey Joe,

It is a very good question, and it has forced members here to search for concrete evidence to back the claims of a NWO.

What is the NWO?

We often use various phrases around here...


as general terms, and then there are the supposed players like;

Rockerfella/Rothschilds, and other 'Elite' families, the Vatican, Jesuits, Masons... etc

and groups like

Club of Rome
Trilateral Commision

etc etc

We know a lot of persanalities involved who are members of one or more of these groups; like Bush (Daddy), Rumsfeld, Cheney, Blairs, Kissenger, Murdoch, and their ilk - we know these people 'run the world' in the public eye and fuck us all to hell. We also suspect that there are far more powerful figures behind them in the shadows.

We also knwo that there are many many foot soldiers who tow the line and 'follow orders' without even knowing that they are following orders. The BBC and teh MSM is full of them.

I watched a video recently of David Bellamy talking about AGW hoax -

One phrase he used that struck me - he said that he was 'ousted' from front-line TV because he did not tow the line of the 'Modern Orthodoxy'

I thought this was brilliant and concise way to sum up all of the groups described above and in thsi thread that we call the NWO - from the highest elite to the common foot soldier and the man on the street (unkindly refered to as a sheeple - you knwo the type - the Sun reader who 'backs our boys' and will call you a nuttar if you question 911 etc etc.) All these people are suscribing and following a new modern orthodoxy. That includes 911, Global Warming, Big Brother, the Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation, Elites and Sheeple, MSM, etc.

The Modern Orthodoxy.

Thanks David (childhood hero) that is an excellent way to sum this up - because it is not really about people it is about attitudes - the NWO is the Modern Orthodoxy.

How about that?!
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