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Originally Posted by redman View Post
Little recap.

He has major ties to Jewish owned companies and is married to a jew. He supports Israel. He has absolutely zero problems when it comes to demonizing any other race or religion on the planet but gets very uptight and sketchy when it comes to the Jews and starts spouting anti-semitism. He says the protocols of zion read like a comic book and are not true. He won't touch anything on the evidence that what we're told about WWI and II which in some cases is outright bullshit.

He has been caught out lying his ass off many times.

He has been caught specifically trying to cause civil unrest in the states, purposely with outright lies.

And any chance he gets when he is on the mainstream he purposely starts acting like a raving lunatic which is exactly what the ruling classes would want and it does absolutely fuck all for any of us who then get labelled with his behaviour.

And to top it all off, the last thing we need is more hate and anger threw in something that's already a cauldron ready to go off. Yet everything that he does is all fear and hate based.

He is without a shadow of doubt a 100% certified shill.
Played a major role in exposing Bilderberg. Is currently trying to get Clinton put in Jail. Recently called out BLM and exposed their crap. Exposed Obama before he became president, pretty much predicted what he would do. Exposed Obama care for the total con it was. Actively fights the TTIP.

My point is, you don't get to cherry pick what the bad bits are and ignore the good bits just because it fits your hatred and your argument.

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