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Originally Posted by vera susa View Post
Ah the "TIMING".....
yes, you can wait over 40, 60, hundreds of years,
for 'the other shoe to drop', and then the other, and the other,
before figuring out who's in bed with whom.

From the Madeline thread, spilling into other current News;

Ghouliani: I'm prepared for an attack from outer..
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3M...White-Out..."white-wash"...was first invented by
THE MOTHER of a MONKEE, Mike Nesmith.

3m's 'White-Out' is the RIVAL to The Original Liquid Paper:
It was invented by Bette Nesmith Graham in 1951
and originally called Mistake Out.
Graham was a typist who developed a type of white tempera paint
to cover up her mistakes.
Her first batch was mixed together in a common kitchen blender.

She offered the product to IBM, which declined.

She sold the product, renamed Liquid Paper, from her house for 17 years.

By 1968, the product was profitable and in 1979,
it was sold to the Gillette Corporation
for $47.5 million with royalties.

She died the following year,
with half of her estate going to charity,
and half to her only child;
actor, producer, businessman, and
former Monkee, Michael Nesmith

So here we have more connections, but also with the theme of RIVALRY.

Now whenever there's restructuring or a power shift happening, at any level, people are called to remember old loyalties, debts and promises broken and kept....and worry about how much the other camps remember.

Well we are going through a GLOBAL POWER RE-STRUCTURE, and as Global Power Houses are VERY old, there are very many, very old memouries to review.

Which brings us back to Maddy, The Lindbergh Baby and

Now we've looked at "BALLOONS" as a symbol KEY, and I've posted on the now 'available to the general public', FLYING SAUCERS and the stupid, non-excuses for the death of the AIRSHIP and FLYING BOAT industries,
but I haven't explored the depths of the themes.
I keep stopping at the statement,
"I'm just waiting to see those 'MIGHTY DUCKS'."

And what was a recent, very funny spoof floating around the NET, but that
"BILL READING" of funding a response to a "Flesh Eating" ATTACK of some Power Greater than our Worst Nightmares!

And this after stories of the AIRSHIP Industry taking off again, and that
LEONARDO Di CAPRIO movie, "The Aviator", which ended with the successful flight of his (HOWARD HUGES, who made his early fortune in WEST AUSTRALIAN MINING), the biggest ever, FLYING BOAT.

Now keeping in mind that long before there was a 'conspiracy industry',
there was always an interest in the conspiracies that DENY GOOD technologies to the common man, while FORCING dangerous, polluting, wasteful technologies on us...can you just imagine what wonderful transports
have been designed and tested by all those gifted, inventive experts, who had their industries of choice, taken from public involvement, and put in the secretive hands of Governments.

But as we know, when RIVALRY is between the most powerful, it becomes
the most bloody for the innocent bystanders, and our World Powers are NOT
all on the same side, despite many pretending to be, even for hundreds of years, and that whole subject of the public Air Transport industry/history,
is one huge story of RIVAL World Powers, making us pay for their control
and domination.

So I can't help but expect it won't be too long before those WALKING, SWIMMING, FLYING, "MIGHTY DUCKS", so many have been brainwashed into believing are 'Alien', make their public debut....something like this;

except "WORLD" is NOT plural.
Originally Posted by vera susa View Post
And more "TIMING"... from today's BBC Main Page;

Citizen Kane Oscar under hammer

Orson Welles (centre) made Citizen Kane at the age of 25

The only Oscar won for
Orson Welles'
iconic 1941 film Citizen Kane
is to be auctioned and is estimated to fetch
$800,000 (£393,000)
to $1.2m (0.5m).

The Oscar was for best original screenplay and was given jointly
to Welles and Herman J Mankiewicz.

Sotheby's auction house in New York said it will
auction off the statuette on 11 December.

Many critics regard Citizen Kane,
about a power-hungry newspaper baron,
as one of the best films ever made.

Leila Dunbar, senior vice president at Sotheby's,
said the prestige of the film added to the statuette's value.

Held in secret

"The movie had a star-studded cast," she said.
"Welles was fearless in the filmmaking and he had complete autonomy,
all of which helped him create a landmark movie."

The Oscar was believed to have been lost until
it appeared at a 1994 Sotheby's auction.

A Los Angeles cinematographer had held it in secret,
after being given it by Welles as payment for working with him.

Welles' youngest daughter, Beatrice, claimed the Oscar for herself
after suing Sotheby's and the cinematographer.

Oscar sales

But when she tried to sell it, the academy tried unsuccessfully
to sue her as part of its longstanding goal of keeping Oscars out
of commercial markets.

Since 1950, the academy has required Oscar-winners to give it
the first right of refusal to buy back an Oscar for $1.

In 2003, it was acquired by the Dax Foundation,
an LA-based non-profit group that supports various
educational, health and other causes.
It is being auctioned by Dax.

In 1999, the best picture Oscar for Gone With the Wind
fetched more than $1.5m and Vivien Leigh's best actress statuette
for the same movie made more than $550,000.

And here we have, also on the BBC Main Page,
and a


Russia backs Iran nuclear rights
Global hunt for child-sex suspect
Dalai Lama US trip condemned
Woolmer Jamaica inquest opens
Nets boost Africa's malaria fight
'Two shot' in Cameroon taxi riot
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