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Originally Posted by neon View Post
tintin so glad we have people like you on this forum, i see your friend is here too. Please keep up the excellent work. You know your stuff. Sometimes reading your work is overload for me, because too much information
Just a simple tip from an 'old watcher':

Just drink it all in and let it settle where it will.
Don't even try to figure it all out, just relax and watch the patterns form.

Plus it also pays to have a genuine, interest in 'everything', even things
you 'don't like'.

Like I HATE Cricket, but couldn't help but notice how VERY IMPORTANT
it is for those "Good Old Boys" to LISTEN to every WORD, score and stat.
of certain matches.
But unlike 'common sports fans', they also weren't those inclined to get into a bitch fest about the 'reasoning' of SELECTORS...those at the top of the Cricket Pyramid, and very high up in the Global Pyramid, who have their fingers in many Corporate Pies.
Now I am not, a 'numbers' person, so cracking the codes behind scores and stats. is out of my league, but I do have an eye and ear for things that don't fit, breaks in surface patterns, that go on to form another pattern, and well, to sum up....apologies to genuine fans...the only sane explanation for the existence of Cricket as a world sport, is as a cover to rattle off, detailed, coded information to those in the know, without anyone suspecting why
those successful business men drop everything to listen to the Cricket.

As tintin has mentioned, after a while the recognition of what's 'coded',
becomes automatic.

Plus remember, that wars take years, decades to 'organize' so as with old
'coded billboards' like TINTIN books, it can take decades before you receive the rest of the message.

So if you just let the information settle in your mind as curious, interesting or 'not quite right', even though no one else may think so, it could be you that stumbles over a key to unlock that code, even decades later, just because you didn't buy the 'reasonable' explanations for a reasonable question.
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