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Default Sai baba & Rolf Harris

Matthew Wright's column: Rolf turns to mystics; Animal magic is not enough.

IT APPEARS Rolf Harris, MBE (1968), OBE (1977), CBE (2006), AM (1989) (born 30 March 1930) is an Australian musician, composer, painter, and television host.

Named after Rolf Boldrewood, an Australian writer his mother admired, he was born in Bassendean, a suburb of Perth, Western

He doesn't get enough spiritual satisfaction from healing animals.

The host of the BBC's Animal Hospital has turned for guidance to a religious group led by a Mercedes-driving Indian mystic who claims to be a living god.

I am glad to reveal that after 68 years on this earth, Rolf - whose pet show attracts around 12 million viewers - is at last at one with his inner self.

I gather also that he is in good company because Fergie once visited Sai Baba at his retreat in Southern India.

Members of the group are said to become uplifted up·lift
tr.v. up·lift·ed, up·lift·ing, up·lifts
1. To raise; elevate.

2. To raise to a higher social, intellectual, or moral level or condition.

3. and experience great peace and encouragement in their lives.

A pal says: "Rolf believes he has received the gift of energy and love in his life.

"He feels he can now get the maximum benefit out of each day and take control of his life after devoting himself to the following.

"It has quite literally changed his life."

Clad in an orange frock and sporting a Seventies afro, Sai Baba reportedly conjures up holy ash and sweets from thin air.

For his more moneyed followers followers

see dairy herd. , he also comes up with the occasional Rolex watch, I am told.

Not everyone is as enamoured enamoured or US enamored

enamoured of
a. in love with

b. very fond of and impressed by: he is not enamoured of Moscow [Latin amor love] with his teachings as Rolf, though.

The Indian Rationalists Association dismiss him as the biggest fraud of the "god industry".

They are concerned that the huge amounts of money he raises from his supporters are not being used to build hospitals and given to charity as he claims.

By all accounts Rolf, who had a hit in 1969 with the annoying Two Little Boys, is happy to talk about his new-found faith.

He is to reveal all in an interview on Radio 2's Good Morning Sunday show on December 20.

Yes, that Sai Baba;

Sex Scandal swirls around Sai Baba
Cult News Summary/December 2004

Sai Baba, a controversial Indian "holy man" presides over a spiritual kingdom that includes one of the world's largest ashrams. He claims to have millions of followers.

But the guru, who is approaching 80, has a history of sexual abuse allegations that in recent years has made media headlines around the world.

Former followers of the aging swami reportedly call him "a sexual harasser, a fraud and even a pedophile."

One man says Sai Baba ordered him to drop his pants and allow the guru to massage his penis. He later said, "Sai Baba was my God -- who dares to refuse God? He was free to do whatever he wanted to do with me; he had my trust, my faith, my love and my friendship; he had me in totality."
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