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No. Opening it wont spoil it. (though technically fermenting by it's very nature is spoiling) You only need to cover it to prevent dust and stuff from falling in. Unless you like the carbonation you might consider leaving the jar loose next time and also using a rock or something like I mentioned to hold it down instead of wasting vegetables. It works a lot better. It is the salt which prevents the type of bacteria from growing that turns it into smelly goop. I like plenty of Celtic salt in my fermentations. I also use plenty of pepper, cayenne and oregano which retard certain kinds of bacteria and give it the flavor I am looking for. Like I said in another post: tasting it several times a day will teach you more than any book can about what fermentation does and how it works. You may even find that you eat it all before it is done. That's ok as long as you know how to make more!
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