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Have to say that the above Episode 8 is not available online anymore.

To make up here is a great discussion with Dr Tom on the gluten-thyroid link. This information is good for anyone wanting to pursue a 100% gluten-free diet. He also gives a really good explanation on what an autoimmune response is and what it does.

Oh.......mentioning in an above post that I bought some sauerkraut from my little local health food shop? Although the jar says its ingrediants are certified organic cabbage, sea salt and juniper berries it has been pasteurised!. Agghhh! That defeats the whole point of its probiotic goodness, downgrading it to a mere condiment.
This was only mentioned to me by a member of my thyroid support group who warned me and said even though it doesn't say "pasteurised" on the jar label it does mention it only on the product website. This should not be allowed, it's misleading. Needless to say I have written an email to them pointing this out.

So now....I'm going to have a bash at making my own. Kilner jars ready......
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