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Originally Posted by edelweiss pirate View Post
The objects are recognisable by anyone familiar with late period heiroglyphs.

They were carved during the Greek-Roman occupation of Egypt... did Romans have spaceships? Nope.

Top right is a hand glyph (notice the fingers) bottom right is a club, a symbol of royal power (though corrections welcome).

They were superimposed with other glyphs as a form of denigrating or augmenting the pharaohs power after death. Some say the superimposed glyphs are of the pharaoh's son.

Finshing for diqs is wrong as usual.

I have stood there..... but I knew what I was looking at. That's the difference.

There's some duff info out there. This is an example.
There's nothing superimposed to make these glyphs. You can see that easily when you stand there. You can even see it in the photos if you pay attention.

The idea that these glyphs were created by superimpositions was the only con the mainstream egyptologists could think of to explain them. It's a lousy explanation, accepted only by those slavishly follow the mainstream.
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