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Default Police Force has urged people report insults Non-crime hate incidents


Absolutely ridiculous.

Those Zionists - International Political Policy Makers/Deceivers - need some cover to claim they also can moan about being offended and hide behind others who complain likewise.
As currently, not a single group have so much influence due to complaints of insults moreso than anyone else.


Nothing happens when people are insulted?
People chose if or not they’re insulted and deal with it.

They don’t need an authority to deal with the facilities of their own minds beyond themselves...

Real news, events and incidents go on unreported and kept away from the public due to censorship because if they’re reported on, basically people are accused of insulting or preaching hatred.
The same is being exploited by crimes of Arabs/Islamists unreported in the same manner, yet drip fed back into the media for sensationalism and outrage - culture clashes chaos civil war etc - while the crimes of the Zionists go on unreported and people are turned on the enemies of the international Zionists, Islam and all the Arab nations they’re at war with.

This kind of bullshit is to set a precedent of such a snowflake society so we can be grossly misled and indoctrinated. Something must be done mentality over “ideas” so called insults by the thought police who are really seeking vested interests and agendas, indoctrinating the public.

Minority Report style Police State is desirable and being slowly developed.

Police urge public to report insults that hurt feelings, but aren't crimes

A police force has urged people to report insults which make them feel bad even if they are not crimes.

Under the slogan ‘Hate Hurts’, South Yorkshire Police have called upon members of the public to report incidents they know not to be criminal in order to build up a wider picture of actions which cause distress to people within the community.

Non-crime hate incidents can include offensive or insulting comments made online, in person or in writing, but the campaign has drawn criticism from people who say the police have enough work to do.

The move has come after an incident in Barnsley’s market square involving a woman wielding a foot long kitchen knife, who was heard shouting ‘Kill, Kill, kill’’ by witnesses.

Beware CA Thought Police on the Rise


The California Legislature is voting on Senate Bill 219 authored by avowed LGBTQIA leftist Sen. Scott Weiner (D-San Francisco) to fine and imprison you if you misidentify transgender persons. It already passed the California State Senate along party lines, was passed by the Assembly Judiciary and Appropriations Committees, and could be voted on by the entire Assembly soon.


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If you believe everything I say, I don’t trust you. More importantly you shouldn’t trust yourself or you own opinion on this until you’ve researched it for yourself!

Knowledge alone is not enough know thyself...

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