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Originally Posted by thermion View Post
...the Apollo radio signals. They came from expected regions in the sky...Kettering Grammar School ....
The implication is school kids wouldn't be in on a conspiracy ... no but they're easy to fool all they know is they have the end of a wire , and believe it goes into their antenna on the roof ... very easy to feed in a signal from a recorder , get the press in and make a big publicity stunt out of it ...


Originally Posted by berten60 View Post
And now they landed on the other side:
Come on,hoaxtards! Debunk it !!
With such scant information available we have no proof one way or the other .
Apollo on the other hand we have Mountains of information and it's been proven a fake in 100 different times for a 100 different reasons ...

With modern tech there is no great difficulty in landing an unmanned probe on the moon , I would bet it's genuine, but we just don't have enough information to know with any certainty.

But this whole Apollo issue has become a waste of space .... 50 years ago this happened ... Those who haven't got the technical acumen to see it's fake will still be hashing it over in 50 years time ... the cutting edge is now SSP information.

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